Programmable Networking.
Ensuring Fluid Voice And Video.


In the age of an increasingly hyperconnected world, data communications needs are changing.
It’s time for the network to change, too.

Assure Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) products and services improve collaboration and boost productivity. Their effectiveness depends on the ability to deliver them with the lowest possible latency and least amount of jitter. This is especially difficult when relying on a legacy VPN to secure transfers to the network’s floating edge.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN secures communications across a network by splitting traffic into multiple streams and encrypting each stream with a different key. It also implements techniques to improve latency-sensitive applications. Dispersive™ VN enhances the quality of voice and video for better, less frustrating communications.

Speed Deployment And Save Money

Sensitive to latency, UC services delivered via the Internet present certain inconsistencies across locations and devices. Consequently, many organizations rely on private networks for high-priority UC traffic. However, these networks can be costly, difficult to administer and unavailable to mobile and remote workers.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN runs across any physical network — cellular, satellite, MPLS, broadband, etc. This allows you to deliver UC services without a private network. The result is faster deployment and reduced costs.

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