Programmable Networking.
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VPN is a 20th century technology trying to handle 21st century challenges.
It’s time for that to change.

Improve Quality Of Experience

Most VPNs experience audible errors and latency problems across devices, locations and long distances. The result? Frequently dropped, choppy calls and frustrated end users.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN smooths the delivery of packet transfer and guarantees the in-order delivery of all packets to voice-and-video applications. End users get a higher quality, more fluid voice-and-video experience, especially in bandwidth-constrained environments.

Simplify Security

A VPN typically relies on a hub-and-spoke architecture. As a result, it’s time-consuming to set up and configure. A VPN also requires active management and complicated routing rules to get all traffic from the hub to the proper services. And for all their complexity, VPNs are frequently the way hackers enter enterprise networks.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN replaces legacy VPN and point-to-point encryption with a managed service that splits session-layer IP traffic into independent encrypted streams. These streams continually and automatically change keys and paths to mitigate the threat of network eavesdropping, data intercept and denial-of-service attacks. This solution also incorporates integrity and identity controls that authenticate and whitelist endpoints.

Enhance Cloud Performance

Mobile users typically face higher latencies, lower throughput and more variable network connectivity than their fixed-line counterparts. These factors, combined with the changing location of the mobile user, test the ability of conventional networks to deliver high-quality, cloud-based services and applications. With enterprises rapidly migrating to cloud-based services, applications and storage, enhancing cloud performance for mobile users is essential to ensure their productivity.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN offers a cloud-native approach that introduces highly secure spoke-to-spoke connectivity. The Dispersive™ VN eliminates latency associated with hub-and-spoke architectures by splitting traffic across multiple paths. As a result, Dispersive™ VN optimizes performance and enhances the cloud experience for mobile users.

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