Programmable Networking.
Protecting Operations And Missions.


In the age of increasingly diverse missions, data communications needs are changing. It’s time for the network to change, too.

Assure Mission Communications

Stability and support operations personnel often rely on host country infrastructure for their communication needs. However, such networks may be limited in reach, capacity or capability. Furthermore, securely and reliably connecting to these networks can be problematic, putting mission success at risk.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN runs across any physical network — cellular, satellite, Ethernet, MPLS or broadband. It virtualizes any combination of these connections as one logical pipe and can split traffic across multiple bands or mediums. This enhances network resiliency, reliability and availability. It also thwarts data infiltration/exfiltration attempts.

Improve Data To The Edge

Network infrastructure can be compromised during crisis response and disaster recovery missions. This can lead to bandwidth-challenged environments that may include low-bandwidth connections like satellite or cellular. Latency, packet error rate and jitter can delay or distort the time-sensitive files edge users must transfer to ensure mission success.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN outperforms legacy technologies in bandwidth-constrained environments. It constantly monitors more than a dozen network parameters to steer session-level split traffic across the best combination of available routes anytime, every time. Built-in techniques defeat the problems of packet loss, so applications read the session as a no-loss, no-latency transmission.

Streamline Operations

Coalition operations, crisis response and disaster recovery activities are especially fluid. Coordinators need to quickly add, remove, or separate users and groups from relevant networks. However, legacy networks often lack the agility necessary to support these real-time changes.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN’s simple and intuitive GUI empowers network administrators to rapidly establish trusted communication user groups. This saves time and resources, particularly important during crisis response and disaster recovery.

AFCEA has recognized the innovative nature of Dispersive™ VN.  

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