Programmable Networking.
Improving Patient Outcome.


In the age of advanced healthcare, data communications needs are changing. 
It’s time for the network to change, too. 

Do No Harm

Healthcare professionals recognize the benefits of IoT: more effective monitoring, therapeutic stratification, and earlier, more targeted interventions. However, the always-on nature of healthcare IoT devices makes them inherently vulnerable to cyberattacks, which can put both patient data and patient safety at risk.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN offers award-winning security to protect patient data as it transits the Internet. The network splits session-level data across multiple paths and then encrypts each path with a different key. Dispersive™ VN also helps protect patient safety by thwarting medical device hacks with a call-out-only approach that limits inbound connections.

Expand Treatment Capabilities

From field triage to treatment in remote and underserved areas, patient lives depend on network connectivity, quality and security. Unfortunately, mobile and other low-bandwidth networks typically face higher latencies, lower throughput and more variable network connectivity than their fixed counterparts. Layer on a VPN and the network can become unusable for real time, latency-sensitive, highly interactive services.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN outperforms legacy technologies in bandwidth-constrained environments, improving communications and patient outcome. It constantly monitors more than a dozen network parameters to steer your session-level split traffic across the best combination of available routes anytime, every time. Built-in techniques defeat the problems of packet loss, so applications read the session as a no-loss, no-latency transmission.

Improve The Continuum Of Care

Participants in the continuum of care — insurers, hospitals, physicians, clinics, patients, etc. — need to easily and securely communicate with each other. However, the limitations of private networks can impede the secure exchange of information between relevant parties.  

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN runs across any physical network — cellular, satellite, MPLS, broadband, etc. It secures communications across these networks by splitting traffic into multiple streams and encrypting each stream with a different key. By implementing techniques to improve latency-sensitive applications, Dispersive™ VN enhances the quality of voice and video for better, less frustrating communications.

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