Programmable Networking.
Empowering The Grid.


In the age of distributed generation, data communications needs are changing for the electric industry. 
It’s time for the network to change, too.

Maximize Visibility And Control

Using telemetry to measure a generator or load participant enables a grid operator to monitor and manage power generation in real time. However, securely and reliably connecting distributed renewable generation facilities can be especially problematic. They often are located in areas where limited communications infrastructure is available. 

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ CI-SDN (Critical Infrastructure Software-Defined Network) runs across any physical network — cellular, satellite, Ethernet, MPLS or broadband. It virtualizes any combination of these connections as one logical pipe to enhance resiliency. And Dispersive™ CI-SDN provides NERC CIP controls to public WAN links, assuring resiliency, reliability and availability.

Harden Security

As the networked power grid attack surface broadens, it becomes an easier target for more frequent — and more sophisticated — cyberattacks. These include data intercept, denial of service, and data alteration. Legacy VPNs are inadequate to properly defend against these threats because they rely on only one path to transfer data. They also do not scale well, exposing the grid to considerable risk. 

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ CI-SDN redefines security. It replaces legacy VPN and point-to-point encryption with a managed service that splits session-layer IP traffic into independent encrypted streams. These streams continually and automatically change keys and paths to mitigate the threat of network eavesdropping, data intercept and denial-of-service attacks. Dispersive™ CI-SDN also incorporates integrity and identity controls that authenticate and whitelist endpoints while assuring nonrepudiation of transactions.

Streamline Operations

Traditional approaches to connecting generating units and load participants to the grid present problems. Private networks can take months to deploy, and legacy VPNs require resource owners to maintain digital certificates. These methods can cause delays in connecting commercial operations to the grid, resulting in significant revenue loss and other headaches for management. 

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ CI-SDN enables resource owners to connect to the grid over the Internet. This typically takes weeks instead of months. Dispersive™ CI-SDN also eliminates the need resource owners to manage PKI certificates, simplifying security compliance and saving OPEX.

Learn how a grid operator in the Western U.S. uses Dispersive™ CI-SDN
to secure direct telemetry and metering in its service area. 

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