Programmable Networking.
Transforming Industries.


In the age of unprecedented innovation, industries are rapidly changing.
It’s time for the network to change, too.

Unleash The Promise

Experts predict IIoT will create trillions of dollars in economic impact by accelerating innovation, driving new insights and increasing production. Cyber resiliency, network uptime and flexible deployment will be key factors to ensure IIoT delivers its promise. 

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN deploys as a VNF, Docker container, SNAP or software on bare metal. With a footprint small enough to run on Raspberry Pi boards, the network enables IIoT applications to leverage its award-winning security and built-in resiliency. And with an ability to use any physical network connection (including satellite, cellular, broadband, etc.), Dispersive™ VN can secure transmissions from even the most remote facilities.

Improve Business Agility

Traditional approaches to connecting factories to extract IIoT data present problems. Private networks can take months to deploy, and legacy VPNs require enterprises to maintain digital certificates. These methods can cause delays in connecting facilities to each other, resulting in significant revenue loss and other headaches for management.

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN enables enterprises to connect IIoT over the Internet. This typically takes hours or days instead of months. Dispersive™ VN also eliminates the need enterprises to manage PKI certificates, simplifying security compliance and saving OPEX.

Secure Data And Access

IIoT devices connected to the Internet are prime targets for cyberattacks. Those engaged in corporate espionage (and other hackers) will always be interested in stealing data about processes, customers, inventory, etc. Additionally, numerous direct attacks on industrial control systems have already been launched by those determined to cause disruption.  

Dispersive can help.

Dispersive™ VN redefines security. It replaces legacy VPN and point-to-point encryption with a managed service that splits session-layer IP traffic into independent encrypted streams. These streams continually and automatically change keys and paths to mitigate the threat of network eavesdropping, data intercept and denial-of-service attacks. Dispersive™ VN also incorporates integrity and identity controls that authenticate and whitelist endpoints while assuring nonrepudiation of transactions.

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