In the age of distributed generation, data communications needs are changing for the electric industry. Networking has to adapt and change. Service providers have an opportunity to play a critical role in the transformation of the energy grid and deliver secure and ultra-reliable solutions.  

Securing an Increasing Complex Grid

Distributed generation and expanding grids are creating new complexity and security challenges that need to be address with a new networking model. As more renewables contribute to the grid, operators need flexible and secure communications while also protecting their infrastructure and operations from cyber-attack.  

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Flexibility, Security and Control

Dispersive Networks’ unique programmable networking enables grid operators to manage network resources centrally while benefiting from built-in security. Programmability gives operators the flexibility to connect a growing number of renewables in the grid and secure communications across their existing infrastructure. Dispersive Networks are delivering programmable networking that enables its partners to capture new high-value opportunities and create the future of the Energy Industry.  

Why Partner with Dispersive?  

A New
Networking Model

Dispersive splits session-level IP traffic into smaller independent packet streams and sends each stream on a different path, reducing the threat of cyber-attacks as the networked power grid broadens.

Maximize Visibility
and Control

Dispersive™ VN virtualizes any combination of physical networks as one logical pipe to enhance resiliency enabling grid operators to monitor and manage power generation in real time.


Dispersive™ VN enables resource owners to connect to the grid over the internet. This typically takes weeks instead of months via private networks. It also eliminates the need to manage PKI certificates as with legacy VPNs.

Delivery Rate

Dispersive™ VN uses a series of advanced algorithms to guarantee that 100% of all packets are delivered in-order to the application. Receiving data from distributed generation is guaranteed regardless of the available communication infrastructure.


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