Programmable Networking
for Mission-Critical Solutions


 Programmable Networking for
Mission-Critical Solutions

Dispersive Virtualized Network (Dispersive™ VN) is a carrier-grade software-defined programmable network that is inspired by battlefield-proven wireless radio techniques. Dispersive™ VN offers a radically different approach to networking that is setting new benchmarks for performance and security.

While legacy networks rely on only one path to transfer data, Dispersive™ VN divides packet streams into multiple independent, encrypted streams. In the legacy model when a path degrades, packets are lost and transfer speeds or connections drop. If that one path is hacked, all data is compromised.

Dispersive™ VN disrupts the legacy model. No one path carries all the data. Endpoints monitor the quality of each path. Additionally, streams automatically change paths when service degrades or if the path is compromised.

What are Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks?  


Always-On Optimization

Software at the edge monitors the quality of each path for over a dozen parameters including jitter, measured time delay, R-value/MOS score and more. When the edge senses a path has degraded beyond a pre-determined threshold, the degraded path drops and the traffic on that path rolls seamlessly to a new one. This ‘rolling’ technique helps optimize throughout but also has the added benefit of thwarting man-in-the-middle hackers and adding network resiliency.

A 100% Software-Based Approach

Dispersive™ VN comprises software components that collaborate and route traffic to significantly enhance network security, reliability and performance.  


Controller Server-based network management system that hosts the trusted peer database and authenticates all network components and their services.


Deflect Software that relays traffic between clients or edge endpoints, acting as a waypoint within the network. This is the mechanism by which Dispersive™ VN establishes multiple, independent paths.


Endpoint app Software that resides at the network access layer, enabling an edge device to send and receive data via Dispersive™ VN. Installs on most commodity hardware, including mobile phones, laptops, servers, and certain Internet of Things (IoT) devices that have an OS and are IP enabled.


Orchestrator Browser-based user interface tool installed on the controller and used to administer Dispersive™ VN.

Session controllers Software that confirms two endpoints are allowed to communicate, establishes communication protocols for each session, and notifies the destination to initiate a call out.


Why Partner with Dispersive?  

Future-Ready Networking

Dispersive™ VN is ideal for connecting, securing and optimizing cloud, IoT, big data, AI, 5G and other mission-critical solutions

Comprehensive Connectivity

Dispersive™ VN enables partners to ensure security, reliability and performance all the way to the device and across any physical network — cellular, satellite, Ethernet, MPLS or broadband

Built-In Security

Our split-path, multipath, and rolling techniques combine to make packet streams unintelligible to man-in-the-middle interceptors

Beyond Best Effort

Dispersive™ VN goes beyond legacy networking and 1st generation SD- WAN to deliver flexible and elastic networking with greater security and performance

Proven Technology

We have proven technology that has been shown to deliver in the most demanding industry verticals

A Partner-Centric Model

We collaborate with partners to enable them to the maximize the potential of networking in their organizations and capture high-value opportunities


Learn more about Dispersive’s technology, features, and benefits.

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