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Battlefield-Ready Ultra-Secure Networking

Inspired by battlefield-proven wireless techniques (spread spectrum and frequency hopping), Dispersive™ VN’s 100% software-based programmable networking allows MilGov operations to provide highly secure and ultra-reliable delivery of mission-critical solutions. Our technology has been proven to deliver in the most challenging environments without the need for additional security solutions.  

Why Partner with Dispersive?  

Secure Data for Mission-Critical Solutions

Dispersive™ VN splits session-level IP traffic into smaller independent packet streams and sends each stream on a different path. This approach secures the stream from man-in-the-middle threats since hackers would have to know the path for each stream and how to reassemble the traffic.

Optimized Connection in any Environment

To ensure data can be received in all environments, each edge device constantly monitors over a dozen network parameters to steer session-level split traffic across the best combination of available routes every time.

Rolling Connectivity

When Dispersive™ VN senses one of a session’s multiple paths is compromised, it rolls that traffic to a new path and steers traffic around outages. Allowing consistent connectivity for crisis response and disaster recovery missions.

Smarter Packet Handling

Dispersive™ VN uses a series of advanced algorithms to ensure that packets are delivered in order to the application and to ensure that users of real-time services have a high-quality experience.

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