Dispersive™ VN

Programmable Networking.


Our programmable networking delivers ultra-secure solutions that have been verified in the most demanding industry verticals. We provide the high levels of resiliency required for delivering mission-critical solutions across any kind of network infrastructure including the public internet.

Split-Session Multipath

Dispersive™ VN dynamically splits session-level IP traffic at the edge device into smaller, independent packet streams.

Split-Session Multipath
It encrypts each stream using very fast, industry-standard ephemeral keys (known only to the source and destination) and sends each stream on a different path through the use of waypoints (called “deflects”).

This approach secures the stream from man-in-the-middle attackers who would have to know each key, each path, and how to reassemble the traffic.

Control At The Edge

Dispersive™ VN puts control at the endpoints.

At The Edge
Each edge device constantly monitors over a dozen network parameters to steer session-level split traffic across the best combination of available routes anytime, every time.

This allows devices to optimize connections and quality of service.


When Dispersive™ VN senses one of a session’s multiple paths is under attack, degrading or otherwise compromised, it dynamically rolls that traffic to a new path.

This improves security, maintains optimized flow through the network, and provides a mechanism to steer traffic around planned and unplanned outages.

Viable Trust Relationship

Dispersive™ VN authenticates devices before allowing them access to the network or its services.

Viable Trust Relationship
This enables service providers to implement software-defined perimeter solutions for their enterprise customers. Providers can segment networks by service and assign rights to services by individual user, devices, port or protocol.

Packet Delivery

Dispersive™ VN uses a series of advanced algorithms to guarantee that 100% of all packets are delivered in-order to the application.

Guaranteed Packet Delivery
Other algorithms enable the network to defeat the problems of packet loss so applications read the session as a no-loss, no-latency transmission.

These techniques smooth transmissions and improve the quality of experience for end users.

Dispersive™ VN is fully differentiated and protected by 29 US patents.

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