Securing and Accelerating
the Connected World

We provide secure, ultra-reliable, and high-performance programmable networking for delivering mission-critical solutions


 Enabling Innovation and
Transformation Across Vertical Industries

The data explosion, the proliferation of devices, cloud adoption and growing threats from cybercrime mean that legacy networking and standard approaches to SD-WAN are no longer good enough. Networking needs a new model that can provide a foundation for innovation
and transformation across industry verticals.
Our 100% software-based programmable networking is enabling our partners to differentiate their solutions, capture new high-value opportunities and create the future of ICT.

Radical, Programmable and Ultra-Secure Networking

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Dispersive Networks takes a radically different approach to networking. While traditional networking models de- liver applications and services via a single path across a network, our purpose-built technology sends packets into multiple streams to deliver new levels of security, reliability and performance. Each individual stream is encrypted while streams can be replicated to avoid any network disruptions.

Our software-based approach means that networking can be dynamically and automatically provisioned easily and on-demand. Traffic can be routed across fixed and wireless infrastructure as well as the public internet without compromising on security or performance. Part- ners can incorporate our capabilities directly into their applications and services as they are developed or use them to deliver solutions across existing infrastructure.  

 Use Cases

Mission-Critical Infrastructure

Financial Services


Unified Communications






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