Programmable Networking
for Mission-Critical Solutions.

Giving our partners a foundation for innovation and transformation
across industry verticals.


Legacy Networking

  • VPNs

  • Choppy video, stuttering voices and slow file transfers

  • Hub-and-spoke architectures that don’t scale

  • Proprietary hardware

  • Security/performance balancing act

Programmable Networking

  • Spread spectrum-inspired security

  • Application-based quality of service (QoS)

  • Full mesh architecture that scales to millions of edge devices

  • Software-defined overlay network that is agnostic to OS, hardware and bandwidth type

  • Security and performance harmony


The Dispersive™ Virtualized Network


Dispersive takes a radically different approach to networking to deliver ultra-secure, ultra-reliable, and high-performance mission-critical solutions.

We rethought proven protocols to create a totally differentiated, fully patented approach to session-level networking.

It’s an approach that combines real-time performance monitoring, dynamic adaptation to network conditions, and unprecedented levels of data-in-motion security.

It’s the Dispersive™ Virtualized Network.

This software-defined overlay network reinvents networking. Dispersive™ VN handles all forms of data and devices, ranging from IoT to mobile to the cloud—and everything in between. And since the Dispersive™ VN works with your current infrastructure, you don’t have to rip-and-replace or invest in costly, proprietary hardware.


Big Benefits for You and Your Customers


Establishes a new standard in security and customer experience.

Proactively and dynamically manages end-to-end, application-based QoS. Constantly monitors more than a dozen network parameters to steer traffic across the best combination of routes anytime, every time. Optimizes flow, bandwidth utilization, MOS and R-values.

Operational Agility

Deploys what you need, when and where you need it to drive new revenue at lower cost.

Operational Agility
Dispersive™ VN software deploys on demand (on bare metal or as virtual machines, containers or VNFs). Empowers service providers to rapidly provision, configure and scale the network.


Decouples network services from the underlying physical network.

Forms an overlay network on any physical transport layer. Frees the service provider and its enterprise customers from proprietary hardware, legacy VPNs and hub-and-spoke architectures.


Award-winning security thwarts man-in-the-middle and denial-of-service attacks without any compromise to network performance.

Implements path-level encryption and other defense-in-motion techniques to make communication more secure than any VPN. Protects data against eavesdropping, port scan, and denial-of-service threats. Establishes a viable trust relationship and software-defined perimeter with microsegmentation capabilities. Fully supports the digital enterprise and ecosystem partner relationships.


Redefines the “carrier edge.”

Features lightweight edge software that can reside on a multitude of device types or embedded in connected applications. Extends performance and security functionality to device, user or application, allowing the service provider to quickly build differentiated services.

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Who Benefits From Dispersive™ VN?

We provide our ultra-secure, ultra-reliable and high-performing programmable networking
to service providers so they can deliver mission-critical solutions to their enterprise customers.

Use Cases

Schematic_Small_Blue_on_Black copy.png
Dispersive’s software is a key part of NetFoundry’s networking solutions which meet the needs of hyperconnected enterprises.
— Galeal Zino, Founder, NetFoundry
Dispersive’s proven technology is a unique way to provide the strong network security and optimized performance necessary for many of today’s enterprise IT and IoT applications built across the Internet.
— John Landau, Tata Communications, Senior Advisor, Corporate Strategy Group

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