Protecting and Empowering the Grid

Dispersive’s unique programmable networking enables grid operators to manage network resources centrally while benefiting from built-in security. Programmability gives operators the flexibility to connect the growing number of renewables in the grid and secure communications across the entire infrastructure, including increasingly pervasive distributed energy devices.

Why Partner with Dispersive?  

A New Networking

Dispersive splits session-level IP traffic into smaller independent packet streams and sends each stream on a different path, reducing the likelihood of successful cyber hacks as the networked power grid broadens.

Maximize Visibility
and Control

Dispersive™ VN provides assets visibility from the bulk systems to grid edge with NERC CIP cybersecurity controls.


Dispersive™ VN enables resource owners to connect to the grid over the internet in just hours instead of over private networks in months. It also eliminates the need for resource owners to manage PKI certificates. When more than one form of communication link is available, the Dispersive™ VN treats them as one logical pipe to enhance resiliency and ensure path diversity.

Smarter Packet

Dispersive™ uses a series of advanced algorithms to ensure that packets are delivered in order to the application and to ensure that users of real-time services have a high-quality experience.

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