Dispersive™ Edge is a software-only product line that provides site-to-site communications and site-to-cloud communications. It also allows Dispersive™ Connect users to access your network services.

The Dispersive™ Edge software app may run at Layer 2 (a Dispersive™ Edge Switch), or Layer 3/4 (a Dispersive™ Edge Gateway). We can ship either to you as a pre-configured, zero-touch provisioning virtual appliance that you just plug into your VM environment, or we install the software on commodity hardware and ship it directly to the edge location.

Its combination of performance and security features are unmatched by any SD-WAN, much less a hybrid version or VPN.



  • Data transfers 10x faster than legacy VPN
  • Virtually aggregates all available WAN connections into one high-availability link
  • Maximizes throughput and reduces latency for every application


  • Uses multipath, split-traffic networking to thwart man-in-the-middle threats
  • Zero-trust firewall blocks incoming connections and moves the attack surface outside your enterprise network
  • Features built-in standard AES-256-GCM cryptographic modules


  • Rolls away from network problems to ensure more reliable connections
  • Survives network failures without affecting application performance
  • Aggregates multiple physical connections into one logical connection for improved reliability


  • Eliminates need to program policy-based routing behaviors
  • Saves time by greatly simplifying IP address management
  • Increases productivity due to performance enhancements