Dispersive™ Connect enables your out-of-office users to communicate with each other and with a Dispersive™ Edge network to access an enterprise’s network services, including cloud applications.

It is a software-only solution that replaces legacy VPNs. It offers the industry’s first spoke-to-spoke solution so out-of-office users can reliably and securely communicate with each other over the Internet ­– even when both are in different, “locked-down” environments. It also allows users around the globe to connect with a Dispersive™ Edge network via the Internet.

With Dispersive™ Connect, administrators can micro-segment their network down to the device, user and service. It also provides the following advantages.



  • Transfers data up to 10x faster than other virtual networks
  • Aggregates available network connection into one
    virtual pipe
  • Reduces packet latency, as presented by the application, by 30% by rolling traffic away from congestion


  • Features built-in standard AES-256-GCM cryptography
  • Rolls keys for every path, every time
  • Thwarts DOS/DDOS and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Establishes industry-leading, software-defined perimeter


  • Continues to work with poor connectivity, improving the
    user experience
  • Survives network failures without affecting application performance
  • Delivers every packet – in order – to the application
  • Accesses services you need with any Internet connection


  • Increases productivity due to performance enhancements
  • Delivers secure, uninhibited access to the services you need
  • Spends less time trying to connect and more time connected
  • Reduces support calls from frustrated users