Our Deflects Eliminate The Defects Of Legacy Internet Networks

When discussing our Dispersive Virtualized Network, we often refer to a deflect. Its not a term common to networking, but its a concept that has revolutionized networking. 

A deflect is a cloud-hosted server that allows us to create a virtual network overlay to the Internet. The deflect’s influence on routing maximizes security, performance, and reliability.

Here’s how.

Legacy networks use a single path to connect clients to servers. Each server must have an open port to accept these connections. Data traffic between source and destination is secured through IPSEC tunnels that utilize a single encrypted path.

Our deflect opens the door to a virtual network overlay with a security-first approach. A Dispersive VN routes your session-layer traffic over multiple, independent paths across the Internet. Each path has a unique, negotiated encryption key. Paths change periodically with a new key for each path.

These deflects enable Dispersive VNs to strengthen your network perimeter. This software- defined perimeter moves the attack surface away from your valuable enterprise network to these no-value targets in the cloud.

Our network’s ability to transfer data across many paths leads to quantifiable and measurable performance gains. Carrier partners have measured 3x boosts in performance over their own global networks.

By using strategically placed deflects in the cloud, you can take advantage of multiple links and landing cables around the globe. Deflects empower routing to move away from congestion and “lossy” links. The resultant performance gains can help you save money through a more effective use of “paid for” network bandwidth.

The deflect is a powerful addition to the networking suite. With a Dispersive VN, you can now transport mission-critical data reliably and securely across the Internet.

Maybe it’s time you started using the Internet the way it was intended. For more information on how Dispersive or one of our carrier partners can make that happen, email us at info@dispersivegroup.com or call us at (844) 403-5852.

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