Last week was one of those special, momentous times in a young company’s history. It was when we had THE magical moment—that confluence of events when strangers saw our technology for the first time and stood watching it, mesmerized.

It was when we had people beg us to deploy it with their employer, the US Defense Department, because it could, quite literally, help save lives.

We were at the Defense Health Information Technology Symposium (DHITS) 2015. We made believers out of skeptics. And we did it with a demo.

Our demo was fairly simple. We had a live 720P video streaming from a camera positioned in our booth. There was also a server and two “edge” laptops in a LAN configuration. We fed the video from the camera to the server, which was partitioned. One partition, running a standard virtual private network (VPN), was connected to a laptop also running VPN. The other partition, running our Dispersive™ Virtualized Network (DVN) software, was connected to the other laptop which was running DVN software. We introduced a 50ms latency to simulate traffic between Orlando, Florida and Frankfurt, Germany.

As you can see in this one frame, the result was definitive.  DVN was clearly faster—some 3–5 seconds at times—and of higher quality. It also was more stable. In the 2 1/2 days the demo ran, we were disconnected from VPN so many times we lost count. DVN worked without fail.

Medics and other medical professionals who saw the demo marveled at how our software could make telemedicine diagnoses a reality. How engaging a virtual conference would be. How they could use DVN to transfer imagery without having to compress it to a lower resolution. How they could save multiple lives from a computer terminal, guiding those providing care who might have little or no experience with a particular wound or condition.

A US Army flight surgeon summed it up like this:

“I just need you to push as hard as you can to get this software into the hands of the IT teams in DoD. DVN without a doubt will save so many lives…I need this capability.”

Now THAT’s magic.

Dispersive Marketing