a world where the Internet is fast, highly secure and reliable. A world where organizations use the Internet for the most demanding mission-critical communications. A world where data-in-motion is free from middle-mile bottlenecks and man-in-the-middle attacks. A world where data-at-rest protects itself against hacks.

Dispersive Technologies is creating such a world.
We’re transforming the Internet and the way organizations use it.

Dispersive Technologies was formed as a Georgia corporation in 2010. Today, we provide software-defined solutions that virtualize routing and data storage for IP-based networks. These solutions manage connectivity that avoids congestion and thwarts cyberattacks. This empowers organizations to leverage the economics of the Internet, cloud-based services, and commodity hardware.

Our technology helps enterprises move data faster, more securely and more reliably.

This enables them to reduce cost structures, streamline and secure operations, and perform more efficiently.

Our officers and directors hail from various fields: media, finance, telecom and government. However, they share the same goal: maximize the incredible power and potential of the Internet.

Hear from the founder about Dispersive Technologies.

At a Glance

Founded: October 2010
President and CEO: Richard E. Harrison
Headquarters: Alpharetta, GA
Offices: Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York,
San Francisco, Washington, D.C.
Employees: 60+
Licensed Patents: 28