Programmable Networking Powering Mission-Critical Solutions


 A radically different networking approach that delivers new levels of security, reliability, and performance for mission-critical connectivity



A growing number of applications and industries depend on mission-critical networking. 

Energy. Financial Services. Healthcare. Government. And more.

All require ultra-secure, resilient and cost-effective solutions to transform their networks and connect their digital ecosystems. 

Dispersive’s programmable networking changes how our partners deliver mission-critical solutions to their enterprise customers. 

Our 100% software-based network securely connects branches, IoT, devices, clouds, and applications. It allows our service provider and system integration partners to tailor and deliver vertical solutions that require secure, reliable and high performance communications to their enterprise customers. 

Whether it’s securing energy grid communications, connecting pipeline sensors, ensuring the integrity of data for financial services applications, or protecting the transfer of electronic medical records, our patented split-session multipath programmable networking securely connects digital ecosystems and allows our partners to deliver differentiated, vertical-focused solutions that leverage new networking models and emerging technologies. 

Verified in the most demanding industries.  

Networking needs a new model that provides a foundation for innovation and transformation across industry verticals. Our programmable networking is enabling our partners to create differentiated solutions that securely connect their customer’s digital ecosystem, capture new, high-value opportunities and define the future of communications.
— Edward J. Wood President & CEO, Dispersive Networks
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Use Cases 

Dispersive’s software is used in some of the most demanding verticals.